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Hearing Aids Specialist

Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC

Board Certified Otolaryngologist & Sleep Medicine located in Princeton, NJ

Hearing aids are now so sophisticated they deliver clear sound and even stream music but are small enough to be discreet or even invisible. At Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, doctor of audiology Jaime Taylor holds a separate New Jersey hearing aid dispensing license. Working alongside Gerald Suh, MD, and the Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, team, Dr. Taylor provides exceptional hearing aid services, including fitting and maintenance, and offers all the leading styles and brands on the market. To find out more, call the Princeton, New Jersey, office or book an appointment online today.

Hearing Aids

What are the available hearing aid services?

Hearing aid services at Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, include:

  • Complete hearing aid evaluation
  • A 30-day trial period
  • Regular maintenance checks and repairs
  • Custom earmolds for hearing aids
  • Custom swim molds

Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, offers a wide range of top-quality digital hearing instruments to ensure you get the best hearing aid for your needs. The team works with all major hearing aid manufacturers, including:

  • Oticon®
  • Starkey®
  • Unitron®
  • ReSound®
  • Phonak®

There's a variety of styles available, too, from behind the ear models to custom hearing aids and invisible completely-in-the-canal options.

What features do hearing aids offer?

The revolutionary hearing aid lines that Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, carries enable you to immerse yourself in the world around you in a way you haven't experienced before. You can benefit from being able to hear comfortably in noisy places and have a better understanding of conversations.

The audiology team offers you the most advanced technology that guarantees superior sound quality. The hearing aids also have premium features that the team customizes to your unique hearing needs, ensuring you stay connected to the people and things that are most important to you.

With a hearing aid from Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, you can stream phone calls, music, and other services to your hearing aids, enjoying pristine audio and exceptional listening clarity. You experience more natural hearing, preserving peace and quiet while amplifying what's important and enjoying effortless transitions as you go about your day.

What technologically advanced types of hearing aids are there?

Some of the advanced types of hearing aids available at Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, include:

Wireless hearing aids

Wireless hearing aids feature advanced noise reduction technology. They have precise directional microphones that help make speech sounds easier to hear even in complex listening environments. Smartphone compatible hearing aids are available for iPhone or Android.

Invisible hearing solutions

Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, supplies the world's smallest and most comfortable invisible-in-the-canal custom-fit hearing aids. These invisible hearing aids have advanced features to provide pristine sound and immersive listening.

What rechargeable hearing aids are there?

There are two rechargeable hearing solutions available at Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC. These rechargeable systems eliminate the hassle of disposable batteries.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries last 20% longer, powering your hearing aids for over 30 hours, so they're always ready to go. They're also 30% smaller and are 100% easy to use. Lithium-ion batteries supply power to the smallest rechargeable hearing aids available and have an all-in-one charger.

ZPower® rechargeable batteries provide continuous, stable hearing aid use throughout your day. You just need to put your ZPower micro RIC 312t hearing aids on the charger overnight, instead of having to replace your batteries every few days.

A pair of ZPower rechargeable batteries can do the work of around 200 disposable batteries. When they eventually wear out, Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, can replace them for you.

To find out more about hearing aids or book a hearing test, call Princeton ENT and Sleep, LLC, today, or schedule an appointment online.